Why Sonnenpark?

Quality of life - Fairness - Career


Why Sonnenpark? 

Sonnenpark offers the answer to the question: "What does it take for the perfect job?" with #mycrew.
An idea? Not so easy, because everyone answers this question in their own way. There is no one right answer here, which is precisely the secret of #mycrew.

Behind #mycrew lies a wide range of offers for all Sonnenpark employees in the areas of quality of life, fairness and career. Everyone uses what they need for their perfect job, there is no pressure, only options and possibilities.

Quality of life: a high good


A key to the success of Sonnenpark #mycrew is that we do not think from start of service to end of service.

Valuable working time and valuable free time are individually desirable. If both succeed, a high quality of life is created.

This is precisely our goal and the basis of our considerations.

  • Birthday table with high-quality gift
  • Anniversary gift: Company loyalty is rewarded
  • Voucher card is topped up monthly with salary bonus and can be redeemed at over 20,000 acceptance points (shopping, fuelling, online shopping)
  • Use of solarium, massages in the hotel at special prices
  • Cooperation with gym (special prices)
  • Employee voucher for Willingen retail trade (5% advantage card)
  • Special prices for events in the region and other advantages with over 500 brands
  • Discounts at partner establishments (family hotels and wellness hotels & resorts)
  • PEP-xpress membership (holidays at special prices for tourism professionals)

Fairness: A strong together


We understand fairness to mean much more than just treating each other fairly.

We create framework conditions that enable us to work together in a fair manner. It is about processes and regulations that are the same for everyone, but also about values that often sound self-evident but get lost in everyday life.

Values help the Sonnenpark Crew to be what it is: a strong togetherness.

  • Fair, attractive pay
  • Electronic time logging - overtime is compensated in free time or financially
  • We are open to all
  • Our attitude: Regardless of origin, religion and competence, every employee is equally devoted to the success of Sonnenpark
  • Improving the conditions for our employees is a constant process for us. Working conditions, working materials, etc. are regularly reviewed. Likewise, work processes and procedures are constantly optimised.
  • We want employees who take responsibility for their own work. In return, we give them trust and freedom. Every employee contributes significantly to the success of Sonnenpark with his or her behaviour, appearance and actions.
  • All employees earn above minimum wage
  • Work uniform paid by hotel

Career: Good prospects


The goal of Sonnenpark #mycrew is to support and promote the career of each individual in the best possible way.

A career is not necessarily a step up the ladder to the next title, but rather personal, individual development, both professionally and socially. To this end, we offer a wide range of services at Sonnenpark, which does not only take place on paper.

In regular feedback meetings, personal development potentials are worked out and individual possibilities are discussed.

  • contemporary, professional training concept (see also: https://www.mycrew-sonnenpark.de/ausbildung)
  • Career prospects - opportunities for change and promotion based on your personal and professional qualifications
  • Structured training in all departments
  • Employee handbook for the start of work/entry
  • Expert trainings are conducted by external instructors in-house (hygiene training, first aid course, etc.)
  • External coach available for individual and professional development
  • Driver safety training
  • Training on the Job with own Coach
  • Advancement opportunities - reappointments are always made internally if possible
  • Introductory training at Entry in the Sonnenpark
  • Trainee exchange with Familotels
  • Apprentice perspectives: discuss career 1 year before the end of training
  • Cost absorption of (distance) studies or comparable advanced training with similar value
  • In-house training, training courses lasting several days
  • Feedback process


Initiative application in just 2 minutes.
It is a simple questionnaire and application documents such as certificates are not necessary in the first step.


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