Team spirit knows no distance

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The guest is at the centre of everything we do. This was also the case during the time when we were closed due to the lockdown. Sonnenpark Home was created, a platform for all families at home.

So that the time there wasn't too boring, Sonnenpark offered daily tips, actions, courses, recipes, etc. for adults and children. These were communicated in the form of videos, download templates, podcasts or as text/picture templates on the social media channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as via newsletters and collected in a blog. The Sonnenpark was "digitalised", so to speak.


150 entries from audio to video

Fantastic contributions were made. For example, the dances that are actually rehearsed on site in the Sonnenpark with the kids in childcare were recorded on video by staff members.

Others recorded the bedtime stories as audio files, which are actually hung on the flat door every night. In the first 3 months alone, over 150 entries were uploaded.

Audio file

Reunion is a joy

For the staff, Sonnenpark Home in Lockdown was a wonderful change and the "guests" were very grateful. The longer the lockdown went on, the more everyone missed each other and hoped to see each other again very soon. This is how the idea of the video "Team spirit knows no distance" came about. Have fun watching.

Sonnenpark Home is just one example of the strong team spirit at Sonnenpark. Feel free to take a look at the blog.



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